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Print circulation revenue is dwindling, advertising revenue is unreliable, and giving away content for free isn't sustainable. But what's the right pricing model for online content? Is it monthly all-or-nothing access like the Wall Street Journal or a metered approach like the Financial Times? Is it pre-paid accounts and micropayments?

Zuora for Media - Simplified Recurring Payment and Subscription Management

Z-Business for Media

Enabling Paywall 2.0 for Media

The digital revolution brings a great opportunity for the media industry to reinvent and rebuild themselves. While basic paywalls proved that customers are willing to pay for content, more focus is required to better meet the needs of subscribers and maximize subscription revenues over time. The strategy behind this transformation is what many are referring to as Paywall 2.0 and the next phase of the evolution of the media industry.

Paywall 2.0 consists of 5 strategies media companies should consider to help extend and monetize their subscription value over time.

  • Increased Geographical Reach
  • Cross Content Bundling
  • Innovative Content Packaging
  • Richer Multi-Device Content
  • Predictable Subscriber-Centric Revenue Models
The problem? The legacy systems media companies are equipped with weren’t designed to enable Paywall 2.0. Zuora’s Z-Business for Media is a relationship business management (RBM) solution that empowers media companies to solve growth challenges and to develop, monetize, and retain subscriber relationships.

Zuora for Media - Automated Recurring Payments

Automated Global Billing & Payments Operations

Z-Business for Media makes it easy to receive, reconcile, and manage recurring payments at any frequency. Readers can make their payments via hundreds of different currencies, major credit cards and 9 direct debit methods. And the typically complex processes like payment exception handling and taxation are a breeze with Z-Business.

Zuora for Media - Automated Recurring Payments

Sophisticated Subscription Management

As a means to better meet the needs of your subscribers, Z-Business for Media supports bundling of multiple items on a single subscription. And on top of that -- it simplifies your back end processes by consolidated billing across all content formats and the ability to add or remove content items without disrupting subscriptions.

Zuora for Media - Subscription Management Product Catalog

Creative Content Monetization Models

The media product catalog gives publishers full pricing and packaging flexibility in hundreds of different currencies to launch new products, in even new markets, quickly. Better yet -- Z-Business for Media supports any subscription pricing model. So, whether you’re looking to offer one time, recurring, time-based discounts, or even a freemium pricing model, we’ve got you covered.

Case Study: VNU
VNU Media Deploys Pricing & Packaging the Way Their Market Demands

Zuora for Media - Recurring micro-payments

Multi-Device, Multi-Channel Engagement

Z-Business for Media makes supporting multi-device and multi-channel engagement a cinch. You’ll be equipped with point and click tools for creating commerce web-pages and sample code libraries to enable faster time-to-market on multiple platforms. On top of that, your subscribers can self-service their account and subscriptions across any device.

Zuora for Media - Subscription Management Metrics

Visibility into Key Subscriber Revenue Metrics

Large or small, every media company needs centralized, real-time access to all the metrics needed to optimize and grow your business. Z-Business for Media enables you to report on key metrics like MRR, TCV, Churn and renewals, offers pre-built billing, payments and revenue reports, and allows for ad-hoc reporting.

“Zuora is helping us take control of our customer relationships and, unlike other systems Z-Business for Media has been designed around the future of subscription models, not the past.” — Katie vanneck-smith, CmO, news international