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From Our Own Correspondent: Zuora Profile [audio]

BBC digs into Zuora's culture from the shoes of a ZEO.

Video Tien Tzou

Sky News Business: Moving Towards a Subscription Economy

Greg Cullen discusses the recent Economist report showing how consumers are shifting towards subscription services.

Video Tien Tzou

The Future Of Media Replay

Z-Business for Media. The digital revolution brings a great opportunity for the media industry to reinvent and rebuild themselves. While basic paywalls proved that customers are willing to pay for content, more focus is required to better meet the needs of subscribers and maximize subscription revenues over time. The strategy behind this transformation is what many are referring to as Paywall 2.0 and the next phase of the evolution of the media industry.

Video Tien Tzou

Sky News: The Dawn of the Subscription Economy

Sky News' Technology Behind Business segment features Zuora CEO, Tien Tzuo on the topic of the rising Subscription Economy. As companies move away from a manufacturing or product way of thinking they're confronted with the critical need to handle customer loyalty, pricing and selling in a whole new way. Tzuo asserts, that in the Subscription Economy, legacy systems are holding businesses back from finding success in this new business model.

Video Chris Purpura

Zuora Hearts Customers: MuleSoft

Learn from Chris Purpura, the vice president and General Manager of MuleSoft's ion Cloud Platform, about how Zuora helped MuleSoft launch new pricing plans and new product ideas to support their new cloud initiative.

Video Jackie Choy

Zuora Hearts Customers: PowerReviews

Hear from Jackie Choy, PowerReviews Controller, about how Zuora helped PowerReviews grow, know and flow their business. Zuora has become a way to connect sales and finance, making the information visible to everyone on their team. At the same time, Zuora has also enabled the company to scale and offer new pricing tiers.

Video Lisa Bailey

Zuora Hearts Customers: InsideView

Hear from Lisa Bailey, VP of Business Operations, about how InsideView has the tools to support an expanding product line and ultimately scale to meet their growing market demand.

Video Tien Tzou

AlwaysON 2012 Keynote: The Only 3 Metrics that Matter in a SaaS Economy

Zuora CEO, asserts that every SaaS company should be focused on just 3 metrics in order to grow efficiently in the SaaS economy.

Video Tom Gonser

Zuora Customers Speak: The Subscription Economy

Hear from Zuora customers just how different Commerce, Billing and Finance is different in the Subscription Economy.

Video Tien Tzou

SIIA Cloud Computing Interviews with Tien Tzuo @ Dreamforce 2011

Zuora CEO, Tien Tzuo, speaks with SIIA about Zuora and the future of the Subscription Economy.

Video Shawn Price

SIIA Cloud Computing Interviews with Shawn Price @ Dreamforce 2011

Zuora President, Shawn Price, speaks with SIIA about Zuora and the future of the Subscription Economy.

Video Zuora Day

Zuora Day Keynote: The Death of ERP

Watch Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo explain the rise of the Subscription Economy and discuss why this will result in the death of traditional ERP applications like SAP and Oracle which were designed for manufacturing based businesses, not subscription based businesses.

Video Salesforce

Zuora Day: speaks during the General Session at Zuora Day 2011.

Video Dell

Zuora Day: Dell

Dell speaks during the General Session at Zuora Day 2011.

Video Telco20

Zuora at Telco 2.0

Zuora's president, Shawn Price, tells the story of how Telco companies are looking to move to the cloud infrastructure in order to respond to the new models evolving in the communications industry.

Video Tata1

Zuora Customer: Tata Part 1

Hear why Tata Communication chooses Zuora as enterprise partner.

Video Tata2

Zuora Customer: Tata Part 2

Hear how Zuora enables Tata to capture new markets.

Video Informatica

Zuora Customer: Informatica Cloud

Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing at Informatica Cloud explains how Zuora enabled Informatica to move to the cloud in just 60 days.

Video Customers

Customer Overview

Increased revenue, seamless integration, and quote-to-billing automation. Hear it straight from our customers.

Video Cloud Billing

Cloud Billing and the Subscription Economy

Dell's cloud evangelist Barton George interviews Tien Tzuo, CEO and founder of Zuora at GigaOM's Structure event in San Francisco.

Video 3 Rules

Three New Rules for Software Companies

Watch an interview with Tien Tzuo, Zuora's CEO, recorded at the SIIA Software Summit, regarding the new rules for software companies. He covers the transformation of the software industry from a product-oriented business to a service delivery model, the power shift from the vendor to the consumer, and the backend infrastructure required to thrive in the new landscape.

Video Zcfc

Zuora Announces ZCFC at Structure 2010

Tien Tzuo announces Z-Commerce for the Cloud at GigaOm's Structure 2010 Keynote. Tzuo explains how Z-Commerce for the Cloud enables the new business models introduced by cloud computing that enterprise customers now demand - automated metering, pricing and billing for a full spectrum of products, bundles, and configurations quickly and accurately.

Video Challenges

Executive Video: The Opportunities and Challenges of Subscription Business Models

Join Taylor Buley of as he interviews Tien Tzuo on the opportunities and challenges faced by companies making the transition from a traditional product-based business model to a subscription business model. Tzuo notes that companies often come to Zuora when they are looking to launch new products, but their existing billing infrastructure and back-end systems can't support the recurring revenue model.

Original Recording Date: September 15th, 2009

Video Marketo

Customer Video: Zuora Helps AppExchange Lead Management Vendor Scale Its Business 10x

Watch an excerpt from a recent Webinar, featuring Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo, on how Zuora helps them to leverage pricing and packaging flexibility and automate recurring billing for their SaaS offering, scaling their billing operations for 200+ customers with just one FTE.

Video Insideview

Customer Video: Zuora Enables InsideView to Expand Their Product Line with SMB Offering

Hear firsthand from Lisa Bailey, VP of Customer Operations at InsideView, about how they leveraged Zuora to offer volume-driven pricing, enabling them to penetrate the SMB space.

Video Thought Leadership

Executive Video: Thought Leadership for the Enterprise Software Industry

View presentations given by Tien Tzuo, Zuora's CEO, recorded for Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Corner. Covering topics such as product design and management, sales and marketing best practices, and the customer lifecycle, learn first hand the secrets to building a successful subscription business acquired over 16 years in the enterprise software industry.

Original Recording Date: January 2007