“ This quarter, we focused on delivering enterprise-grade security and scalability across our product. This ultimately resulted in what we are proud to call Z-Business Nine. ”

- Mikey Chang, Product Manager


Client-side Credit Card Validations on Hosted Payment Pages

When building an effective self-service sales portal, there are two key challenges a business must address. First, the business must provide its customers with a simple and easy checkout process. Second, the business must ensure it’s collecting accurate information from its customers. To help address both of these challenges, Zuora is introducing client-side credit card validations. When enabled, this feature will automatically select a subscriber’s card type and validate a subscriber’s card number before the subscriber submits payment.



Payment Gateway Flexibility and Payment Usability

Payments are complex as they involve many moving parts. With this release, Zuora has updated its most popular payment gateway integrations so customers can use the latest gateway specs and features available. Zuora has further simplified the payment operations process with UI enhancements to key payment pages within the application.


Increased Invoice Flexibility and Simplification

Simple and easy to understand invoices are critical to building healthy customer relationships and accelerating the collections. With the new upgrade for invoice templates, users now have the ability to create invoice templates with IF/THEN conditional logic. Conditional logic significantly reduces the number of invoice template variations and reduces the amount of time to update information on invoices. In addition, new usage summary and invoice item merge fields help businesses further customize and refine their invoice templates. Lastly, a new REST API allows users to download an invoice PDF directly from the web browser.

product catalog pricing update

Create or Delete Usage Records in a Closed Accounting Period

Billing cycles and accounting close cycles are not always in sync, so usage data is often not reported until weeks after a financial close date. In order to align usage and billing data to the correct accounting period, users now have the ability to add or remove usage in a closed accounting period.


Enhanced Control for Billing Operations

The enhanced calculations for billing allows greater control over renewal term dates. The billing operations team now have more granularity to control how the term end dates and scheduled bill run behaviors are calculated.

product catalog pricing update


product catalog pricing update

Additional User Permissions

In order to run a secure and compliant business, businesses must be able to administer and control user permissions within their applications. With the introduction of new user permissions, Zuora administrators have greater control on what users can and cannot do within Zuora. The new permissions allow businesses to control access to bill runs, payment runs, subscriptions, amendments, 360 sync, and Salesforce clean-up.


Two-Factor Authentication

With numerous security breaches at large companies this past year, it’s clear that account security is not to be taken lightly. Which is why this month, Zuora is doubling-down on password security with the introduction of Two-Factor Authentication. When enabled, Two-Factor Authentication will reduce fraudulent logins by asking users to enter a unique time-sensitive code when logging into Zuora.

product catalog pricing update
product catalog pricing update

Authenticating Callout Notifications

Callout notifications in Zuora allow communication between various systems to help your information stay in sync and initiate triggers or workflows across systems. With this release, Zuora can now make secure web service calls to other systems by using authenticated callout notifications requiring a username and password.

“This quarter highlights Zuora’s continued commitment to B2B and B2C subscription commerce.”

Nathan Creswell, Product Management


Sync data on demand between Zuora and Salesforce

Subscription businesses are dealing with constant change. New pricing models are launched frequently, bills are being processed and payments are being collected every hour and every minute, not just once a month. With this release, pricing and transaction changes in made in Zuora are no longer limited to flow to Salesforce at scheduled intervals. Zuora for Salesforce users can now see these updates on demand, as often as they like.

Do More With Amendments In Zuora for Salesforce

Subscribers will always want to amend subscriptions: upgrade, downgrades, changes to terms and conditions, etc. With this release, Zuora has introduced a new set of amendment enhancements in Zuora for Salesforce. Now Zuora for Salesforce users can create terms & conditions amendments, amend usage charges, view products on a subscription, and much more. These enhancements make it easier for businesses to manage the full subscription lifecycle.


Zuora for Salesforce Now Supports Account Level Custom Fields

In addition to quote-level and charge-level custom fields, Zuora now allows customers to create account-level custom fields in Salesforce and sync their values to Zuora. Customers can now fine tune their quoting workflows even further and keep vital account-level information in sync between Zuora and Salesforce.


Accept ACH payments online with little to no development

Customers can now securely accept ACH payments directly through Zuora’s Hosted Payment Pages. With minimal development work, customers can quickly embed an ACH payment form on their commerce website and acquire new customers through a fully PCI compliant solution.

Hosted Commerce Pages Now More Configurable

Zuora’s hosted commerce pages provide customers with the ability to quickly configure web pages that can be embedded on their website with simple point and click tools. With this release, these pages become even more configurable as customers will now be able to define the order in which page sections and fields will be displayed.


New Salesforce Sync Options

Last August, Zuora introduced Turbo Sync which provided Salesforce customers with 20X-50X performance improvements in sync performance times. This month, Zuora builds upon Turbo Sync with the introduction of a new two hour Sync option.


Apply a Credit Balance Prior to Collecting a Payment

When processing payments online or via external platforms through the Zuora API, customers can now apply a credit balance to an invoice prior to collecting a payment. This will help automate and streamline the collections process for B2C customers with high transaction volumes.

More Merge Fields On Invoice Templates

With this release Zuora has introduced new merge fields for prior period transaction totals and starting balances on invoices. Customers can now take advantage of these new calculated fields to provide more clarity on prior period transactions.

New Data Source to Enable More Reporting on Product And Subscription Charges

Zuora provides the ability for customers to rapidly create custom data extracts based on their specific needs. With this release, Zuora is adding to the options available to customers for creating product and subscription charge data extracts. Customers can now create exports that include detailed pricing information for all subscription charges.

Better Management of Undelivered Emails

With this release, Zuora introduces a new feature that will route email bouncebacks to an inbox specified by billing administrators. This will allow businesses to track which customer notifications and invoices have not reached their intended recipients and help billing teams take timely action on those emails.

Configurable credit card validation for historical subscriber data

In the past, customers could only migrate up-to-date credit card data into Zuora. Now, customers can also migrate historical credit card data by choosing to ignore credit card expiration dates. Once this data is loaded, customers can use Zuora’s Account Updater feature to update and maintain all subscriber credit card information going forward.


Accounting Codes Now Available In Data Extracts

Last July, Zuora introduced the Chart of Accounts feature to enable easier integration and alignment between Zuora and accounting applications. Starting this month, customers now have access to a new data extract allowing them to export accounting codes from Zuora. Additionally, multiple data sources have been updated to include accounting code fields. This ensures all transactional data extracts from Zuora easily align with your third party accounting applications.

Accounting Codes Now Support Custom Fields

Finance teams often need to categorize accounting codes using additional meta data such as department, region, business unit, etc. in order to summarize and measure the health of the business across multiple financial dimensions. With this release, finance administrators can now achieve this goal by adding custom fields to accounting codes.

More Control Over Subscriptions In Closed Accounting Periods

Customers using Z-Finance now have the ability to choose whether they will allow changes to subscriptions in closed accounting periods. If enabled this setting allows users to change subscriptions in closed accounting periods, without impacting transactions such as invoices and payments for those closed accounting periods.

“This quarter was all about commerce, culminating in Titanium: the biggest release of Zuora for Salesforce.”

Tina Kung, Engineering



New Configurable Quote Wizard

Salesforce administrators can now easily implement quoting flows that are unique to their sales teams. By leveraging Force.com's point-and-click user interface, admins can quickly add pages, re-order them, show progress bars, and label buttons directly through the UI. Wizardry without coding.


Configurable Product and Rate Plan Selector

The new Product Selector provides a fast and easy way to add or modify product rate plan charges while creating or editing a quote. It supports inline editing and filtering, custom tiered pricing, and flexible discount management.


Ability to edit tiers during quoting

Salesforce users can now update tier-level information on volume or tiered based charges in real time during the quoting flow. They can also add discounts at each individual tier-level, as well as at the charge-level.


More Custom Field Support

Salesforce administrators can now add custom fields to quote page layouts, either at the quote header or quote line item level using Salesforce Field Sets. No coding required.


Support for SEPA

Beginning in February 2014, 33 countries in Europe will begin using new standards for electronic payment transactions conducted in Euros. These standards are covered under the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) initiative of the European Union. With this release, Zuora’s payment operations have been updated to incorporate support for SEPA standards, ensuring that merchants in Europe that use Zuora can receive electronic payments in a SEPA-compliant manner.

New Maximum for Invoice Items

Merchants with partner and reseller sales channels often have a need to send invoices that consolidate thousands of items that represent a complex multi-level billing hierarchy. With this release, Zuora has increased the maximum number of charges allowed per invoice to 5000, to meet the needs of merchants with complex multi-layer billing relationships.

New Configuration Option For
Zero Dollar Items

Invoice templates new include a new parameter to hide zero dollar line items from display, either at the subscription or the rate plan level.

Enhancements to Litle Credit Card Updater Service

Zuora is committed to helping customers maximize their electronic payment collections and reduce payment declines. This month, Zuora is announcing major enhancements to the Litle credit card updater service, which automatically updates lost and expired credit cards in Zuora, resulting in fewer payment declines and higher cash collections.

Billing period overrides

You can now override billing periods on subscription items, either at the time of creating a subscription, or when adding new items to an existing subscription. If one of your customers prefers a billing period that you didn’t anticipate, or don’t offer in your standard catalog, you no longer need to create a new pricing plan. Simply override the billing period for that customer. With this feature you can easily offer even more billing choices to customers that are tailored to their unique needs.


New permissions to control Chart of Accounts access

You can now choose to get even more granular when setting up finance roles and permissions. This month Zuora has added additional permission levels to control which users can create and manage Chart of Accounts codes.

Chart of Accounts APIs

The Zuora Chart of Accounts object is now accessible via Zuora APIs. This enables a higher degree of automation when creating or updating chart of your accounts in Zuora. Chart of Accounts codes can now be fed into Zoura from external systems like your general ledger via our APIs.

Deferred Revenue Reports

Your finance team can use this reports package to easily manage revenue recognition. We now provide you with a package of 3 reports that reveals earned and deferred revenue schedules by month.

“This quarter is all about turbo boosting performance, better commerce configurability, and deeper alignment with your accounting application.”

ben wu, Product Manager


Improved Quoting Flow For
Accelerated Cash Collections

This month, Zuora introduces the out-of-box ability to securely capture electronic payment method details like credit card information during the quoting process. This eliminates the added operational steps of contacting a customer post-sale to get their payment information. It also ensures that payments can begin processing as soon as the quote is accepted, resulting in faster cash collections.


product catalog pricing update

Speedier, Easier Quote Configurability

In the B2B world, it is critical for customers to be able to tailor their sales quoting processes to match the needs of their unique sales operational flows. This month, Zuora has delivered a number of enhancements that make it easier for customers to add or remove fields, rearrange page sections, change lists and tables and control page layouts by leveraging reusable components and with just a few clicks. Tailoring your B2B quoting experience just got easier.



Initiating Cancellations from Salesforce.com

Zuora has always provided customers the ability to initiate new sales, add-ons, upgrades, downgrades and renewals from salesforce.com. With this month’s release, Zuora customers will be able to submit subscription cancellations directly from salesforce.com as well.  This allows front office personnel to manage the subscription lifecycle from beginning to end without logging into multiple systems.  



Z-Force Turbo Sync

This month, Zuora customers using Z-Force will experience the benefits of Zuora’s latest scalability and performance innovation: Z-Force Turbo Sync. Turbo Sync will provide dramatic improvements to customers with large volumes of data that need to be synced between Zuora and Salesforce. As Turbo Sync is enabled for customers, they will experience up to a 20-50X improvement in sync performance times.


New Chart of Accounts Structure

Zuora has always been complementary to a customer’s accounting system. This month, Zuora introduces a new structure where customers can define their chart of accounts in Zuora, to match the structure in their accounting application. This delivers deeper alignment between Zuora and a customer’s accounting application and eases the reconciliation process between the two systems.



Error-Free Accounting Code Mapping

Customers will now be able to select from a predefined list of enumerated accounting codes on screens such as product creation screens, and invoice adjustment screens. This will reduce errors and resolve common reconciliation challenges customers face when these codes are incorrectly assigned.




Authorize.net Expands to Canada, UK, Europe

Zuora’s strong partnerships with leading gateways ensures that customers are easily able to take advantage of new features that gateways introduce. Authorize.net recently began supporting payments in CAD, GBP and EUR. This month Zuora has incorporated this into it’s existing Authorize.net integration. Any Zuora customers located in Canada, Great Britain and Europe can now leverage Authorize.net as their payment gateway of choice.


Wait, There's an Encore!

This is only a snippet of our new features and product enhancements released over the past quarter. For a complete overview, please visit our Knowledge Center today.