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Hi, we're Zuora - one of the hottest SaaS companies in the Valley. We were built to change the way people do business and fuel the Subscription Economy.

Here at Zuora we believe that in order to build a killer product you have to have a killer team. Zuora is chock-full of game changers, innovators, and leaders who want to be part of the next wave of successful tech companies. Sound like a place for you?

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor with a pre-IPO company that is poised for success and set on a trajectory for massive growth. To be frank, now is a pretty exciting time to be here.

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Zuora Celebrates its 50th Monthly Product Release

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“Everyday I help define new business strategies for the world's most relevant companies.” Matthew Darrow, Sales Engineering Team
“I love both the company's bold vision and the team assembled to deliver upon it.” Ben Wu, Product Management Team
“I love the camaraderie here. No matter what team you work on, we all have a hand in shaping the company’s bold vision.” Brooke Wagner, Business Operations Team
“What sets us apart is our shared focus on building strong customer relationships.” Christina Porter, Customer Success Team